On Monday President Donald Trump gave what could easily be called the worst public appearance by any sitting American president. During a press conference that was supposed to update the country about Covid-19 and reassure our citizens, the president played a propaganda video attacking the media, lashed out at two female reporters after they asked simple, valid questions, and claimed that as president he has total authority – a statement that should concern all Americans no matter their political affiliation.

After the press conference, my opponent did not criticize President Trump’s response but rather tweeted out praise for the work the president did with Vladimir Putin and Saudi prince, MBS. Mr. Arrington did not speak up for a free and independent press. He did not defend the female reporters against Trump’s misogynistic attacks. He stayed silent while Trump claimed to be a dictator with complete authority. We can only assume Mr. Arrington supports the president’s statements and agrees with his unconstitutional claims.

This is a terrifying time for our country. Our friends and family are getting sick. Our Congressman only cares about the oil companies who fund his campaign. And our president believes he is a tyrant.

You can make a difference.

In November, we can send Mr. Arrington home and elect a new president, but there is no time to waste. Please support and follow my campaign against Jodey Arrington. We need strong leadership in Washington and a representative with morals and values. When I am elected, you will see real change come to West Texas.

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