In 2019, The New York Times Magazine published an article about the first Slave Ship to arrive in North America in 1619.  On the 400th year anniversary of this event the article talked about the contribution that slave labor, and underpaid black labor,  made to this country.  The article has been used in schools to start discussions about  the contributions made by Black Americans.  This effort has been broadly labeled “The 1619 Project.”

Donald Trump has entered this discussion with threats to withhold Federal Funds from any school that uses “The 1619 Project” in the school  system. This type of federal intervention proves that Republicans just can’t make up their minds about who runs the school systems.  Similarly, Jodey Arrington wants local control until school districts start making decisions about opening this fall.  Then he wants to “mandate” that all schools open for in-person learning on the federal level.  When the issue was integration, Republicans wanted “local control” to slow down the process.  Now, they want the federal government to mandate what is taught when all school children have the opportunity to learn about the contributions Black Americans, both slave and free, have made to this country.

My opponent has proven he has no consistent belief system or morals but will do anything to get his way even if it means hurting his constituents. West Texans deserve consistent and moral leadership in Congress. I will be that leader.