Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with a small group of supporters in Hale County. We had a productive conversation about the struggles in that community and how to reach voters before the election. I was encouraged to see how much these organizers cared about their neighbors.

After posting about the event on social media, one of Mr. Arrington’s supporters mocked our efforts and dismissed the size of our meeting. He ignored the fact that our current representative rarely hosts events with more than ten people, but we’ll let that slide.

His comments made me realize that 20,000 primary voters may seem insignificant compared to the 150,000 we’ll need in November. Our goal to raise $150,000 may appear paltry compared to the $1,000,000 Jodey will raise from his corporate donors. And six supporters in Plainview can’t win an election on their own.

However, every movement towards great change starts with small steps. If we work together, those six supporters in one county will grow to hundreds and thousands throughout the northern part of our district. Those who showed up to the primary will become volunteers who will help turnout voters in November. And your donation of $10 will get us closer to our goal of $150,000.

My ask of you today is simple: click the donation button below and give $10 to our cause.

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This is a small step that carries great significance.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. Thank you for caring about our community. Thank you for your donation.

Always remember –  with 21% support, we win.

Tom Watson