Since their campaigns began, Jodey Arrington and Donald Trump have pushed for deregulation in the federal government. Recently, the Trump administration has shown what “deregulation” really means: a lack of transparency and oversight.

On April 2nd, Navy Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of duty after requesting aid for crew members exposed to the coronavirus. On April 3rd, the President fired Micheal Atkinson who followed protocol by reporting a whistle-blower complaint. In the past week, Trump has fired at least seven inspectors general, one of whom was tasked with overseeing the 500 billion dollars Congress set aside for industries such as air and cruise lines. At the same time, Trump has quietly rolled back oversight of the oil and gas industry, car emission standards, and others meant to protect the health and safety of his constituents.

On every level of government and business, a lack of transparency leads to a lack of honesty. Trump has spent the last few weeks firing anyone in the federal government who might be able to provide oversight or keep him honest. Mr. Arrington has spent the last few years getting rid of oversight for big business and allowing corporations to operate without transparency.

I believe our leaders should act honestly and in the open. I believe companies should be willing to prove they are protecting their workers and operating with integrity. I ran for a Congress because West Texas values like honesty and transparency do not seem important to Donald Trump or his fans in Congress. I believe West Texans deserve better.