Monday morning I had the privilege of serving food at Breakfast on Beech Street – a project run by five churches in Abilene to feed anyone who is hungry. I have cooked pancakes most Monday mornings for about 14 years, but this morning presented a challenge we have not faced before – the Coronavirus.

Rather than serving our neighbors a hot breakfast, we had to prepare a meal that could be delivered outside in order to protect the health of everyone involved. Despite these circumstances, we served fifty-two individuals with two meals by providing a take-out breakfast as well as a sack lunch.  This is a great program that allows direct action to help our community. But this program, among many others, is at risk due to the lack of leadership shown by our current representatives.

We hope to resume serving a hot breakfast soon. The five churches – working together – will provide help for those in need while working to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We will not fear nor will we act recklessly. Serving our community while not endangering lives is possible when we act with discernment, hope, and love.

Stay safe.

Tom Watson