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Confederate monuments are meant to intimidate and divide

On July 3rd, I heard a speech delivered by the President of the United States and have never been so embarrassed to be a citizen of this great country. Trump’s total denial of  our country's treatment of our Black citizens, his glorification of Confederate monuments, and his absurd claims that the removal of those monuments is rewriting history makes him unfit to be President. The reality is that removing these monuments would help us tell a more honest version of history. I have three grandsons.  This past summer, I invited them to take a weekend road trip with me to [...]

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Lack of transparency leads to dishonesty – Letter to the Editor from April 25th

Since their campaigns began, Jodey Arrington and Donald Trump have pushed for deregulation in the federal government. Recently, the Trump administration has shown what "deregulation" really means: a lack of transparency and oversight. On April 2nd, Navy Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of duty after requesting aid for crew members exposed to the coronavirus. On April 3rd, the President fired Micheal Atkinson who followed protocol by reporting a whistle-blower complaint. In the past week, Trump has fired at least seven inspectors general, one of whom was tasked with overseeing the 500 billion dollars Congress set aside for industries such as [...]

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Why we started our Vote Safely initiative

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects on life globally, and American elections are not immune. We must ensure voters are protected without discouraging them from participating in the democratic process.  The best case study for this is the Wisconsin primary election that took place on April 7. Several other states in weeks prior had postponed their primary elections due to coronavirus concerns, but all eyes were on Governor Tony Evers as the election seemed set to proceed. Finally, the day before the election, Evers announced the election would be postponed until June. Everyone gave a collective sigh of [...]

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Democrat, Tom Watson, Seeks to Unseat Incumbent Representative: a profile by Hannah Holtz

On Monday, Dec. 9, Tom Watson sat in the office of the Texas Secretary of State in Austin. He waited to see if anyone would file to run against Jodey Arrington in Texas’s 19th district. No one filed. So he did. “I figured no one would get from Lubbock or Abilene to Austin in those last two hours, so I went ahead and filed,” said Watson, a lawyer based in Abilene. Republican Jodey Arrington is the current representative in the United States House of Representatives for Texas’s 19th district, which stretches from east of Abilene to the border of New [...]

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Breakfast on Beech Street

Monday morning I had the privilege of serving food at Breakfast on Beech Street - a project run by five churches in Abilene to feed anyone who is hungry. I have cooked pancakes most Monday mornings for about 14 years, but this morning presented a challenge we have not faced before - the Coronavirus. Rather than serving our neighbors a hot breakfast, we had to prepare a meal that could be delivered outside in order to protect the health of everyone involved. Despite these circumstances, we served fifty-two individuals with two meals by providing a take-out breakfast as well as [...]

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